Commission Overload: Unbiased Review

WARNING: This review comes without any bonus incentive (ipod, Iphone bonuses).So if you're Looking for BIG bonuses that other reviewers promise, you'll find none Here![I wonder if those big shoot bonuses ever come, just a though]


If a Product Based on the creator alone then Commission Overload is a Must-Buy, but of course it isn't the case, something even the most prolific of marketers make trash sometimes, sometimes!
Tim Atkinson is for one a prolific Internet Marketer, and has made quite a fortune of his online escapades, a active member of the Famed warrior forum. He is one of Us that started out early, he got on the tide early, and he has leveraged on it since then.
He runs a cool blog here. Take some time to check it out
Like i wrote in other logs Commission Overload was first released as WSO but due to increased success. He upgraded the course and chose to offer it as a full internet Marketing Course.

COMMISSION OVERLOAD: Holy Grail of Internet Marketing 

Here is what recommend Commission Overload it is a full course it covers everything from how to find your market ,understanding the market and how to sell stuffs to them. Tim Promises to "stand along with you while you make your first income online" (Sales Pitch !).
This 12 hours training promises to let marketers into the latest tricks and guru tactics whether tim is really going to let the cat out of the bag remains to be confirmed! No one really gives away a Money Secret!  They sell it, and they could sell it to you more than once, piece by piece that is the game.
However if there is one thing i love about full course programs it's that something could slip, Product creators are always conscoiuos to please, so if they sense  a bit of Bad air, they usually let out more goodies than was propose. I've witnessed it before!
Full Details About the Commission Overload like Modules are yet to be released so stay tuned. If Tim Atkinson will let us in You'll see em here!


Creator: Good
Uniqueness:Seems Good(may fall if we learn more)
Price:Good (i favour one-time fee)
Transparency P/P: Good

At Present i score Commission Overload a 3/5, good score. Till we learn indepth of the course.

Beyond Commission Overload

A look on Tim Atkinson - Creator of commission Overload

First a bit on the creator of the product. How much does a person tell of his own product well a lot. Tim atkinson made it big, real big doing what most other people fail to do taking action,

And he did this early on to take a good sit & view over the present day internet marketing  terrain. saucy,a party animal all the relics of a six figure online income! i can't blame the big guy.

follow his blog

Or have a feel of his tweet knowledge

I dont know him personally but his products are marketed & JV'd with the top names like Bill Mcrea, Adam and the rest....... for me that speaks a lot. I can't possibly put out a product today and lias the support of this heavy weights at will.

Commission Overload by Tim Atkinson

Commission Overload is Billed to be the one-off Solution for all your online Marketing needs, it definitely promises alot; well dont they all.
He did a WSO of this product last year, it was a hit success among the warriors,so he upgraded and is selling the whole course with lots more included.

This is the Much i know about it for now, it is a 12 hour internet marketing trainig, Tim will be sitting in with you well for you're going to be paying it shouldn't be a surprise.
On 28th of March tim Atkinsons is launching Commission Overload. Reviews will be available soon.

Here from the horse's Mouth; "Not only are you going to learn the system with Commission Overload, you are going to be watching over our shoulder as we set up these fail proof systems. This is truly a “hold you by the hand” training series…over 12 hours in length!
All of this with…
No Endlessly Typing Articles
No Loosing Your Shirt On PPC
No Constant Backlinking And Other Crap Begging For The “Number 1 Spot” that can be taken away from you at any time
No Product Creation
...................blah blah blah
More soon!